Arugula Beet Salad

This simple salad is absolutely delicious! I have it at least once a week and I think its fantastic!

The ingredients are:

Handful arugula

3 roasted beets

1/3 of an English Cucumber

1 medium tomato or a few cherry tomatoes

1.5 teaspoons mustard (or more or less depending on your taste)

1 large carrot or a handful baby carrots

1 tablespoon Capers

1/3 of a radish (optional)

1 tablespoon sunflower seeds



  1. You are going to want to first make the ‘base’  which is going to be the 3 roasted beets shredded and then mix it together with the mustard.
  2. Then you are going to want to add in your handful of arugula.
  3. Now is the ‘fun’ part, if you have a potato peeler or a very fine and steady hand you are going to want to create very thin slices of cucumber and thin slivers of the carrots. You can also add in some optional radish slices.
  4. Next you are going to chop the tomato/tomatoes and toss them in the salad. You should mix all the ingredients until there is an even mixture of all the veggies.
  5. Lastly you can sprinkle some capers and and sunflower seeds a top of the colorful salad.




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