Working Out During Fall Time (and outfit)

At the start of every new season I always love to switch up my workout routine. If I maintain the same routine every day I become so bored of the routine that I dread having to workout (which I already do on some days).

I am posting my routine in the hopes that this routine might inspire others and help them stay fit and healthy.

My routine is based around what I enjoy to do and what I feel comfortable doing, I am by no means an expert on nutrition or exercise but I do have some routines that I would love to share (as it is something I also enjoy for people to share with me).

I personally attempt to work out 5 times a week at least but this number fluctuates. If for example I do not have a lot of time one week and shorten my run I try to change this number to at least 6 times a week. Or if I am feeling unwell the number will go down etc.

My routine:

  • 3.1 mile (5k) run (I use the Nike Running App to calculate the distance- it is FREE to download) I just plug in my ear buds and play my Spotify workout play list and it really gets me through the run! If I am in a pinch and don’t think I have enough time to workout I at least try to get 1 mile in.(Please ignore my awkward intense running face… haha)


  • Then I do a crunch routine of:

– 25 crunches

-25 crunches with legs at 90 degree angle

-25 crunches with legs straight up

-25 crunched with legs at a 90 degree angle again

-25 normal crunches again

-25 crunches with legs straight on the floor

-25 crunches turned to your right (basically the fetus position you sleep in)

-25 side crunches to the left now


I know this sounds like a ton but I usually get this done in 3 min (depending on how tired I am) I just put an upbeat song on and get it done!

In case you were confused by some of the positions:

*if you are feeling neck pain/strain it means you aren’t supporting your neck enough here is an image of where your hands should be to support your neck. Another reason for neck pain may be that you are looking at the wrong place make sure your face is facing up towards the sky 🙂


  • And lastly I do 25 bicep curls on each arm, for my weight and height I use 10 pound weights, for your safety start off with lighter weights and then build them up as you get stronger!

I hope this routine gave someone some help in finding out what they would like their work out routine to be!

Comment down below what you like to do to stay fit, we can help each other out!

If you are interested in following my Spotify for my Workout Playlist it is under the name sophiaelisabethgarcia



Workout Outfit:

What really gets me going and willing to work out on some rough days is a good and comfortable (slightly fashionable) workout outfit. When fall rolls around I usually wear leggings or yoga pants, as well as an athletic t-shirt. If it happens to be a chillier morning I like to through on a three-quarter zip hoodie. Here I have attached some closer images of what I am wearing and where you can find the exact same clothing/shoes or similar!



Old Navy Active Black Yoga Pants:

Green Scoop Neck Cool Tee:










White Nike Running Shoe (similar):


If the weather is cold enough I like to add my three-quarter zip athletic hoodie by Abercrombie and Fitch. Unfortunately they don’t sell anything similar on their site anymore so I have found an alternative on Fabletics. It isn’t the same color but the style is the same and just as cute (or cuter) than mine 🙂


Now please enjoy my exhausted face after a long run 🙂






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