There is this tray in my room, full of everything that I absolutely love. And like most items in my room it transitions through the seasons. I really enjoy reading and watching other peoples Autumn Essentials so I thought perhaps some of you would enjoy it too!

My first essential is going to obviously be my lovely wooden tray, its simplicity makes it perfect for all seasons. I love the fact that if I am in bed I can put some snacks and tea on the tray to prevent it from spilling (probably the best quality of the tray). I got my tray from Target:

The next essential I am going to mention is the SUPERFOOD magazine I recently got at Barnes and Noble. When the weather starts to become colder and the holidays like Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas start looming around the corner all the magazines begin having a festive twist and I LOVE IT! (Especially when the christmassy baking magazines come out- but Ill try to restrain myself from buying those for at least a little longer.. haha). It makes me feel so cozy to curl up in bed with a cup of tea and read a book or magazine. This specific one is great for you health nuts out there who also want to put some festive yummy twists on your food!


One thing I absolutely love about Autumn is the autumnal scents wafting through the air. I love the the pumpkin, the apple and the spices! And if I can’t be in my room smelling those lovely candles at all times the next best option is a hand cream! Which is why I recently purchased the Trader Joes Pumpkin Body butter and in case you were wondering it smells divine 🙂

You can buy it at Trader Joes or if you don’t have one by you, you can buy it here:

In relation to good smelling things, I could not have an Autumn essentials post without mentioning candles!!! These two small ones I have are two of many!!! They are from Yankee Candle. The plum colored one is Candied Pecans and the sunset orange toned one is Pumpkin Apple. And i’ll have you know these tiny candles can really make the whole room smell as if you just baked a delicious pie. And let me tell you it is way easier to light these candles to achieve this autumnal scent than to actually bake a pie 🙂

If you want to buy some of these Yankee Candles you can go to these sites:

You can get the larger versions of these on Amazon:

Autumn is not complete, makeup wise, without a gorgeous new lip color. These lip colors can vary from dark reds, rich berry tones, and darker nudes. One of my favorite lip sticks right now (and brands) is the vegan makeup brand ‘Mineral Fusion’ and this specific lip color is ‘Molten Fusion’.

If you are interested in purchasing this lip color you can go to this link:


*They have plenty of other colors to check out on their site 🙂

Next item is a good book! I can always feel cozy, comfortable and at ease with a soft blanket, curled up in bed with a book! The one I am currently reading (or rereading) is Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. I would love to read some other books so if you have any great ones to suggest please let me know in the comments 🙂


Then this is my favorite essential and that is a nice mug 🙂 I am a mug collector (as I am a tea aficionado, I must have a home for my tea!).  This mug is from The World Market, a store near where I live that imports goodies from around the world. My favorite section is the European section as it makes me feel like I am home (in the Netherlands). This cute little mug is of a little doggy and it reminds me so much of my puppy, I love it!


If you are interested in purchasing this mug you can go to:

Next item is my favorite Autumn/Winter perfume, Euphoria by Calvin Klein. I got it as a gift a while back and I have been in love with it ever since. The spicy undertones make it perfect for this season and the festive one to come! I just love to spray this one during the Autumn season, for me this scent is the mark of the beginning of the festive season!


Where to purchase the perfume:

The last item is the item that puts me into the best mood no matter what. And no its not my phone, its Adele! What always instantly gets me in good mood is a warm cup of tea and some Adele. Recently I have been loving her new album, 25, and though it has been out for a while I never tire of hearing her music. Lately I have been really enjoying ‘Remedy’, if you haven’t checked out my Spotify already check out: sophiaelisabethgarcia to see what I have been listening to!


Thanks so much for reading,following, commenting and liking my last posts! Hope you enjoyed this one too!

-Phi ❤


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