Autumn Lookbook

Fashion for me is what I feel most comfortable and happiest in (and if it happens to look good that’s a plus!). I have put together four outfits for one of my favorite times of the year and I absolutely love them! I love cookbooks, they are a great source of inspiration for outfits (especially when I have been trying on outfits for an hour and am convinced I have nothing to wear… please tell me I am not alone in that… haha). I hope that this can provide some inspiration or help for your outfits!

I hope you enjoy! (and as always I will provide links for the exact or similar clothing)

First Look: Comfy and Cute

I love this look because the comfy joggers mean that you feel as if you could sleep in this outfit but at the same time you actually look put together!

Striped 3/4 length sleeve T-shirt: I have been really into stripes lately (as you will see from this post) I enjoy throwing stripes into a ‘plainer’ outfit to spice it up a little bit. This particular shirt is from Forever 21 but I could not find it online so I have posted a similar link down below.


The next part of the outfit is the army green joggers. I recently jumped on the joggers bandwagon as they are super comfortable but you still manage to look presentable and fashionable. These joggers I purchased from the brand 32 Degrees Cool at Cotsco, but you can also buy them on Amazon:


Lastly there is the Nude Glossy Ballet flats. Plain ballet flats are the most practical and cute shoe type because they go with everything!!! These particular ones are from Target but if you don’t have a Target near you I have attached an alternative link.

Second Look: Nice and Proper

I LOVE this look, it might be one of my favorites. I personally felt like a super on trend power ranger.. haha! I love every aspect of this outfit from the snowy white sweater, to the A-line pumpkin colored skirt and the brown over-the-knee boots!

Snowy White Sweater: White sweaters are what I LIVE in during the Autumn and Winter season, I just love them! This particular one is from Abercrombie and Fitch, it has a small sewn pattern in it and it is tight enough to fit under a skirt! I could not find the exact one on the site so I attached a similar one from ASOS that is just as cute!


Orange A-Line Wrap Skirt: This skirt is absolutely adorable. Recently the A-Line skirt has been very popular and I got to say I love this trend. I have found the exact skirt I bought online at Abercrombie and Fitch!

Brown Over-the-Knee Boots: Over the knee boots are my absolute favorite, I love to pair them with skirts, leggings, tights, jeans etc. (The list could honestly go on). The dark brown color of my pair of boots are perfect for the Autumn season and look so great matched with sunset tones and crisp whites. Unfortunately these exact UNISA over-the-knee boots are sold out so I will try to link something similar down below!


This is the exact same shoe just not in the same color:

Third Look: Lazy Days

This is a sportier look, in which you can feel comfortable and warm.

Light Blue Rollneck Sweater: I love this sweater, it was one of my first purchases from ASOS for the new autumn season and I think it is so cute and cozy (I could practically live in it!)

Black High Waisted Pants: I mentioned these in my last fashion post (you can now get to understand just how much I love them then!) I won’t bother to mention what I love about them again I’ll just say that they are a great pair of pants and a black pair of pants is a necessity in everyones wardrobe!


White Converse: White Converse are a staple for every season, but I find them especially cute with this outfit 🙂

(I feel confident enough that you guys know a place to buy white converse, so I don’t have to link it 🙂



Last Outfit: Preppy and Sweet

This might be my favorite outfit, just because it really represents my style! It obviously includes a form of stripes and a pair of boots and that is typical me!

Striped Mock Neck Vest: I love this top, it is so unique and cute! It is a navy blue and white stripy vest from Abercrombie and Fitch.


High Waisted Tomgirl Jean Capris: Jean capris are my go-t0 when it is cold outside but just not cold enough for a pair of jeans. Capris are my sneaky way to pretend that it is decent to wear a sweater on those 70 degree days. These particular capris are from American Eagle, they are supposed to be baggy, but they did not have my size so I got a size smaller, therefore they are tighter than they are meant to be but I still really like them 🙂


Gray Booties: I love a pair of Booties, they are basically all I wear during the autumn and winter seasons! I bought this pair of boots in a independent store so I will be linking similar shoes down below!


I hope you enjoyed this post and got some inspiration! I hope you have a wonderful day!





Life is short, so enjoy every bit of it 🙂

-Phi ❤






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