My ‘go to’ everyday hairstyles!

Here I have put aside a few hairstyles that I wear on a daily basis! I hope this can help a few of you out and inspire you to spice up your look- or not! Please let me know what you think and comment down below what you like to do- we can help each other out 🙂

  1. Messy Bun: A messy bun is the perfect casual hairstyle when you want your hair out of your face. The way I do mine is simple toss my hair into a ponytail then as I do the second loop in my hair-tie I throw all my hair into a jumble on the top of my head and tie it down. Next is the ‘messy’ portion of the look. Since the current bun is going to be tight on the top of my head I like to loosen it up a bit and shake it as to relax the top of my head. The I pull the baby hairs on the side of my face out of the bun so that they may frame my face!


2. Cute Half-Up Half-Down: I LOVE  half-up half-down looks. They are perfect because they keep your hair out of your face but you can still wear your hair down! This particular hair look I manage by twisting two pieces of hair by the side of my face and pining them at the back. I also make sure to leave my fringe and/or baby hairs out of the twisted hairs in order to allow them to frame my face- a pattern you will be seeing through all the looks. This also makes the hair-do appear more effortless and natural 🙂


3. Messy Pony-tail: I have no clue why but every time I put my hair into this messy ponytail I am always asked- How did you do that? So I figured maybe it is something people would like to know how I do… Here goes… I put my hair into a high pony tail and then pull out the baby hairs to — you guessed it– frame my face!! And that is literally it 🙂


4. Half-up Half-down Bun: This mixes two of my favorite looks- a messy bun and a half-up half-down look- so obviously I love it! The way I do this look it follow the end of my eyes to my hair line- from there I pull all the hair above that into a high pony tail and then make the same messy bun I did in the first look-just with less hair. And then Voila! It is done!



Hope you enjoyed- and this helped you out in some way or another!

-Phi ❤

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