My Love for Autumn

I decided to have a ramble of a blog post today about all the reasons I love Autumn.

Autumn to me is a chance for a new beginning, all the plants are preparing themselves for the new growth to come in spring, in the most beautiful way. The lush greens have become sunset tones, and much like the colors of nature fashion begins to reflect those tones as well.

I have always been one to wear a fluffy robe and curl up in bed within a plethora of blankets and pillows, and autumn is when it is finally socially acceptable. No chance of being laughed at when I wear a onesie now 🙂 ok well that is not true…

Food is a big favorite of mine, I love to bake and cook so when fall rolls around and new fruits and vegetables are ready for the picking I am ready to go. I am a big pick-your-own farm girl, this year I picked apples, pumpkins, leafy greens, turnips and radishes (and I’m still trying to get through all the pickings). With all the new goods I love to create news recipes or try out old saved ones I love to make pumpkin pies, apple crumble, pumpkin bread etc. I love getting the chance to hop right into the kitchen and experiment with spices and fruits and try to create something that not only gets the house smelling autumnal but with every mouthful reminds me of the chilly windy autumn outside. (I might have repeated ‘love’ twenty million times but I couldn’t help it, at least now you really understand my passion -nice synonym- for autumn).

I am the girl who waits for the weather to get chilly and constantly checks the weather channel in preparation for autumn fashion, as I have mentioned in other blog posts, I just love autumn fashion! I am someone who gets cold very easily and whose circulation is pretty bad (the girl with the cold hands) so any opportunity to layer sweaters upon sweaters upon coats upon scarves will be taken!

Autumn is also the season that teases my favorite time of the year, Christmas time! (I’ve already been preparing the blog posts for December, that is how excited I am!). Christmas is when everyone is out of school and people take time off of work to spend time in one another’s company and spread joy, and I love it! Autumn to me is the little taste of Christmas in which I can daydream about what I am going to bake during christmas time, what gifts I am going to get everyone, and plan cool trips.

I could probably write a book about my love of Autumn but I think I will leave it here and let a few pictures speak for themselves. Hope you guys are having a lovely day, October, Autumn season and year!


Phi ❤

Carpe Diem



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