Favorite Products November

Today I have chosen three products that I have been using like crazy this November.

Hopefully you can benefit from seeing what I have been loving lately and try it out for yourselves!


Body Shop All-in-One BB Cream:

I just wanted to start by saying I am not a big makeup person, not that I don’t want to be, I just don’t think I am very good at it… 🙂 But this month I decided to venture out of my ‘no makeup’ zone and test out a BB cream I have had for ages! What really sold it for me was that it is called a ‘tinted moisturizer’ so its kind of helping my skin… right?

Actually what originally sold me on the product those many years ago was how the Body Shop marketed it. One of the things they said when I saw the product was that is does not clog pores! And as someone with really sensitive skin that is prone to breakouts this was a major selling point… so I bought it!

This BB cream is minimal coverage and really just takes the redness out of your skin, which is exactly what I need!

Pixie by Petra Mascara:

If I am ever to use makeup it is either going to be a nice lip color or mascara (both things that won’t cause my skin to breakout). I have been trying to find a good cruelty free mascara that can be found at a local store and I found this Pixie Mascara at Target! (I have heard that Pixie by Petra does have products that are cruelty free but I’m not positive this one is, so if you know one I should try out please let me know in the comments!) I absolutely love this mascara it actually creates natural volume on your lashes and lasts a relatively long time! It is the type of mascara for someone who likes a ‘natural’ makeup look.

Chance Chanel Hair Mist (Hair Perfume):

One of my favorite perfumes is Coco Chanel, so when my mother gifted me this hair spray from her travels I was super excited!! It is a subtle enough scent that your friends and family aren’t choking and coughing around you but is sweet enough that if they were to give you a hug they would mention that you smelled great (which is always nice).




Here I have a few images of how the products look:


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