Being Thankful

Thanksgiving, in my family, is not just a time for saying thank you, (though that is an important aspect of it) it is a time for us to have a sit down meal in our ‘busy’ days and realize how far each and every one of us have come. Thanksgiving for us isn’t not about the turkey (though that is always a welcome meal) it is about realizing that sometimes a chat between family members and a day to recognize the people who don’t get a meal with their family, not just on Thanksgiving, but on any given day. I’m thankful for the friends and family I have, and I hope that everyone recognizes how lucky we can be! I hope you have a lovely Thanksgiving, and all the days after that!

I just though today, being Thanksgiving, I would spread a little insight on what Thanksgiving is for me, and take a few pictures of how I set the table up and what food we cooked for today… 🙂

My family doesn’t tend to follow the traditional Thanksgiving meals, we try to put our own spin on it to resemble us, so here it is!


Table Setting:


To point out:

I just wanted to point out the Holiday Crackers, these specific ones had a few jokes on them and some charades characters, I think this is a great idea for something to do with the family that adds a little fun and laughs!




A few recipes I used:

3-ingredient Vegan Biscuits:

I LOVE this biscuit recipe they actually do really taste like biscuits!

Apple and Sausage Stuffing:

This year my brother really wanted me to make some stuffing so I found this recipe and it was actually fantastic!



Where it’s from:

Usually my mother and me bake a pie and set some treats up for after the meal, this year we bought some pumpkin pies and mini pecan pies from Whole Foods and some Christmas Chocolates, as a nod to the Christmas to come!


Hope your Thanksgiving Day was lovely! Stay safe out there!


Carpe Diem

-Phi ❤

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