Hello 2017: The Year of Acceptance

Happy New Years Eve!

First, I wanted to talk about Blogmas… I tried! Sorry I didn’t get 24 blog posts in but I guess that can be my new year resolution for 2017!

To move forward you must look back and accept all that has happened. As I reflect on 2016 I realize all that has changed and the decisions I have made, the successes I have had and the mistakes. Not just with the new year but with everyday, acceptance is powerful, we must learn to accept what has happened the good and the bad- and move forward, that is all we can ever do.

Well on that happy note… I figure we talk about 2017.

I implore all of you to make New Years Resolutions.

Now, I know the stigma behind New Years Resolutions. That they are goals that people set for themselves, so they can be the person they want to be, but it eventually fails.

I still think that people should make New Years Resolutions. Setting goals for myself has always been how I have accomplished things, it is something to look forward to. Whether your resolution is to eat healthy, work out more, drink water or more personal like learning to accept yourself, learning to accept that others aren’t always going to like you, or accepting criticism.

I even implore all of you to write out your New Years Resolutions, could be on a blog, could be in a journal, but somewhere that you can look back on and remember that this is your year, your year to reach your goals, to accept all life has to offer, and never stop trying to better yourself and the world around you. There is so much hate and loss in the world, maybe by making these resolutions we can begin making small improvements, one person at a time.

I know this post is getting a little rambly, I am kind of just spewing my thoughts so I can come back to this later and see my thought process a little.

In the end it is important to remember that life is short, and we are reminded of that everyday. In order to live our lives to the fullest, acceptance of all aspects of our life is necessary.

My New Years Resolutions for this year:

  1. Work on my flexibility Physically and Mentally. I had a back injury a while back that meant I could not touch my toes, slowly I am regaining my flexibility and though it is hard I just recently was able to touch my toes again! My resolution is to take a gym class once a week focused on flexibility. My mental flexibility has to do with learning how to roll with the punches, life is not perfect there will be hard times, but I have to learn not to take those tough times to heart and just breath and relax. There is no sense in making the small things feel like the big ones.
  2. Accept that not everyone will like me- I know this is your mom’s typical line when someone was mean to you in elementary school, but it is an important lesson to learn. Growing up I was the girl who was nice to everyone, so when someone said something mean to me or did something mean I really took it the wrong way, I would think what did I do wrong? Today, I still have that mindset, I know that there are reasons for everyone’s actions and everyone is hiding behind a different story but for 2017 I want to learn to accept circumstances for what they are and move on. I want to stop being the girl who when someone is mad at me I want to do everything to make it better- even though I know I have done nothing wrong. 2017 is the year I am going to break from that mindset.

I hope this little ramble helped a few of you out! Please list some of your New Years Resolutions down below so I can read them! I would love to know how people are trying to better themselves, if you are willing to share 😉

2017 is our year, it’s your year. With the new year comes new opportunities to become the you that makes you feel comfortable.

The new year isn’t a time to dwell on the loss of 2016, or fear the changes to come. It the time to accept that life moves on and it’s time for you to as well!

Hope you have a fun and safe New Year!


Hope you enjoyed my 2016!


See you next year!


Carpe Diem.

Phi ❤

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