5 Tips to De-Stress

I thought I would write this post because like my favorite line (Carpe Diem) you only live once, so I think it is best not to live your life stressing about little things that ultimately do not matter! I’m going to be honest I get stressed a lot! About little insignificant things! But… because of that I have learned some of the best ways to de-stress and relax! So I figured I’ll share these tips with you! And you can share yours in the comments as well, we can help each other!!!

My tips are based off of the concept of doing things that make you happy! Live your life and do the things that you know will calm you down, and if you aren’t sure of the things that calm you down then maybe mine will help you out!

1.Drink tea!!

Off course my blog being named ‘Tea with Phi’ means that I have to mention tea as one of my de-stressors. The hot warm tea is super calming, and choosing certain scents like lavender are even more relaxing. Whenever I feel stressed or anxious a cup of tea is the first thing I make to sooth my nerves!

2. Make Lists

Whenever I am stressed it is typically because I feel like I have too much to do and no time! So my go-to method to sort out all the jumble in my mind is putting pen to paper and making a schedule or list to figure out all I need to do. Making a list is also a simple way to feel productive, you have a plan and that is always helpful!

3. Breath in and out-meditate

I know, I know- this is what everyone says when you are stressing out, but it is actually really helpful to put some calming music on, light a candle and breath in and out, concentrate on yourself and focus on relaxing.

4. Pamper yourself

Focusing on yourself is always a great way to relax, so putting the effort into relaxing by pampering yourself is a way that I de-stress. These two items are some of my goto’s for pampering myself, the Biore black head nose strips and the Biore ‘One-minute heating Mask’. Giving myself some time to relax and concentrate on myself is always helpful and something that I think is necessary for everyone to do, when stressed or not.

5. Shut down- read a book-go for a walk-disconnect

When things get a little too much it is best to simplify what you have to do, and concentrate on what is really important. Shut your phone off, stop watching Netflix (I know it is hard) and take a moment to concentrate on yourself, read a book, listen to music, walk your dog, just take a moment to focus on yourself, recognize and prioritize!


Hope you enjoyed this post and found it somewhat helpful!


Carpe Diem.


-Phi ❤

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