Current Makeup Favorites

If you know me at all you know that I am not the best or most experienced makeup user. However, I am fascinated by friends who are capable of creating a masterpiece. Vowing with the new year to experiment a little bit more with makeup I have made it my mission to find new makeup products that work well and are cruelty-free!

Here are my two favorite makeup products:


Pixie Brow Duo: (In medium brown)

Brows have recently become my new obsession. With that obsession I wanted to find something to tame those brows. That is when I came across this Pixie brow duo. At it’s affordable price and easy accessibility at your local Target you get a great long lasting product. On one side you get the brow pencil, angled to create the perfect dashes along your brow line, on the other side is the brow brush with tint. This brush is great allowing  for brow shaping as well as sturdiness. All in all creating the perfect brow duo! Thanks pixie!



My other Pixie Obsession: Concealer

Concealer is a tricky one. With my skin type I know that I want a product that is going to create coverage but not cakyness. I wanted a concealer I could wear without foundation and created minimal coverage (basically cover the redness). And thank god I found this one! This concealer is a great travel piece and great for undereye circles as well as blemishes!



Hope you enjoyed this post!

More to come!

-Phi ❤

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