How I Curl my Hair:

Curling my hair is absolutely my favorite way to style my hair, when I have time. But I can be pretty picky about how it looks…

I have always wanted those thick, volumizing, wavy-curls. And when I found the perfect wand and the perfect way to do my hair I figured I would share it in case anyone was looking for the same look!


What wand I use:

Remington CI9538 T|Studio Salon Collection Pearl Digital Ceramic Curling Wand, 1-1 ½ Inch, Pink

I ordered mine off of amazon.

How I do it:

  1. First I do a half up hair do and curl the leftover hair that is not in the updo.
  2. Then I put that curled hair into a little bun and the nape of my neck.
  3. Then with the hair I put up I part it again, to create an even smaller bun.
  4. With the hair that is not in the bun anymore I curl that as well, and once it is curled I put it into the tiny bun and the nape of the neck.
  5. Then finally with the tiny bun of the uncurled hair at the top of my head I curl it as well.
  6. Then I spritz my dry shampoo into the roots of my hair for volume.
  7. I turn my head upside down shake up my curls and then ta da! Gorgeous thick hair!




Hope you enjoyed this post!


Carpe Diem.

-Phi ❤




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