My Yoga App Workout + Outfit!

I have finally finished school so I am back on the blogging grind with a workout post!

Ahhh yoga… always been an afterthought to me. I always made excuses… I am flexible enough, I don’t need to meditate, running is easy enough, it will take too long… and yada yada yada. Well I recently broke through the barrier. I downloaded about 10 different yoga apps so that I could tell you exactly which one I use and why I like it.

By the way this is not an ad. This is completely my opinion and an interest of mine that I really want to share with you!

Out of the many apps I downloaded (they were all free by the way) I narrowed it down to the app that I have been using for over a month now.

The app: Asana Rebel 

This app is completely free to download and I have been obsessed with it. If you would like to get on a yoga fitness program then you will have to pay an extra amount. But there are plenty of workouts provided that come free with the app!

I am a huge fan of the free yoga workouts, so much so I use those every day!

A little background on the free workouts… there is a free 5 minute workout provided that changes everyday and another 10-15 minutes workout that changes every day as well. On top of those daily changed workouts, there are 5 single workouts that range from 6-19 minute workouts. Each workout focuses on something else, whether it be detox, fat burn, flexibility etc. and those remain and do not change daily.

These workouts are absolutely perfect for me (as someone who is not very flexible), I find it to be the perfect way to sneak in a little quick workout and feel more flexible, strong and relaxed afterwards.

I cannot tell you how happy I am to have found this app and kickstarted my yoga adventures, I wish I had done it sooner!

Which is why I have written this blog post to share with you my insights on this app!


I have lately been obsessed with the brand Fabletics! I find that their clothes are perfect and very soft (basically the most comfortable) I wanted to share some of my favorites with you!

They are having a huge sale right now (This is not sponsored by the way). So I thought I would link it down below 🙂

Fabletics Sale

I hope you enjoyed this post and it either inspired you to begin yoga and breathe in all it’s benefits or test out this app (if you so wish!).


Carpe Diem.


-Phi ❤


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