Travel: Hiking in Santiago, Chile

YAY! Another travel post! I decided to expand on my travels in Santiago, Chile by talking about one of my favorite adventures there… a hike in Lo Barnochea!


My favorite way to do travel posts is to explain through pictures… which is what I will do this time as well 🙂


Views from the top… This hike is from our hike of Lo Barnochea, which is a 6 mile total walk. Online it says it is a moderate hike but depending on the path you take it can definitely be a difficult (and very steep hike). Would not recommend if you don’t have heavy duty hiking shoes!


Though the hike was a visible challenge ^^^ it was very enjoyable and was an adventure I won’t be forgetting anytime soon 🙂

Quick Tip: Follow the locals… they know the best routes 😉

The hike may feel difficult but it may truly be one of the best ways to really see Santiago, Chile. You get a beautiful overview of the entire suburb of Lo Barnochea, and what better way to visit Chile than among the mountains that surround Santiago.



Hope you enjoyed this post!

Would you like to see more Santiago, Chile travel posts?


Carpe Diem.


-Phi ❤

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