Why I love Autumn

Ahhhh Autumn, easily my favorite season. I am quite the cozy and homey person so when the trees turn warm colors, sweater and scarves become all the range, candles are lit and hot beverages are sipped on… it is what I live for.

I thought for this mid-week post I would share a few of the things I absolutely love about Autumn… and hopefully you guys can relate as well!



Let the list begin…

  • Pumpkins… need I say more?
  • Sweater and Scarf season
  • Hot drinks: Tea, Coffee, and Hot Chocolate
  • The leaves changing
  • The warm colors
  • Baking apple and pumpkin goodies
  • Boots
  • Spices in everything
  • Halloween
  • Talking about holidays…Christmas is around the corner 😉
  • Leather Jackets and Coats
  • Berry and Red Lipstick colors
  • Apple picking




There is so much more to love about this season! I can’t wait to share all my autumnal baking and fashion posts that are to come this season! I hope you guys can relate to some of these things I love!


Also… how do we feel about two posts a week?


Carpe Diem.


-Phi ❤





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