My Everyday Makeup Look

Ahhh I finally have an everyday makeup look. It honestly takes me 5 minutes to do in the morning 🙂 and because I LOVE all the products I am currently using I thought I would share this look with you!




  • Pixie: Brow Duo (Medium Brown)
  • Pixie Mascara (Lower Lash and Large Lash)


  • Pixie: Contour Powder


  • Alba Botanica on the pimple tinted cream


  • Urban Decay pallette 2


  • Pixie Concealer


  • Mineral Fusion: Nude Lipstick



  1. I start with the Alba Botanica fast fix (tinted zit zapper) to cover any redness or pimples on my face (for anyone with problem skin: this really works!)
  2. I then conceal with Pixie’s concealer. I make a triangle over my undereye circles and blend it in. I also use the concealer on any other spots that need special attention.
  3. I then put on my mascara and use the brown colour in my Urban Decay pallette on my eyelids and the cream color right by my tear ducts.
  4. I do my brows with Pixie’s brow duo. And use a shimmery shade from the Urban Decay Pallette for my brow bone.
  5. Then my favorite… contour!! I use Pixie’s contour and highlight brush and their contour powder to contour my cheek bones and by my temples.
  6. Lastly I apply some lipstick and Voila!!


I hope you enjoyed this post!


Carpe Diem.


-Phi ❤

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