How To: Be a Morning Person

Okay first off… I too have been known to sleep in… Who doesn’t need a good lay in some days? But I also do love to get up in morning and start my day off early and well. If that last parts sounds like something you would like to do then read on 🙂

These are just somethings I think ‘help’ me to get up in the morning … they might not work for everyone but I hope they help!

Tip #1:

Prep your breakfast! Plan ahead to have a delicious breakfast the following morning… maybe some hot waffles and coffee or some other yummy dish you want to prepare.  Doing this might actually encourage you to get your booty out of bed! I tend to be food motivated so if I know I have some waffles awaiting consumption in the freezer I tend to want to get up earlier and faster 😉

Tip #2:

Plan for how long it takes you to wake up. If you like to lay in bed for a while how about planning something to do with that time (other than scroll on your phone…). Maybe have a school book next to your bed that you have to read so even though you are up early you are still in bed and being productive. It makes waking up early a little less daunting.

Tip #3:

Sometimes the best tip to being a morning person is to master your nighttime routine. Before you go to bed make sure you have set your alarm and make sure that you have a deep, calm and long sleep 😉 get those 8 hours… if you can.

Tip #4:

When your alarm goes off don’t press snooze! This is a basic one but it is an important one nonetheless. What has become a habit of mine is immediately when my alarm goes off I turn on my bedside lamp on. It is a little annoying to try to go asleep with a light on so it instantly motivates you to get up.


I hope some of these tips help ❤

If you have any that you think would be beneficial to anyone leave them in the comments down below!! The end of the school year can mean that sometimes we get a little less motivated… so perhaps following these tips can get you back in the groove.

-Phi ❤



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