The Beginning​ of a Story… on Magic

Little Lucy looked up from her morning toast with a strange look on her face. Well, at least Charlie thought it was strange. This was because he knew why she was making such a weird scrunched up face. As she put it… Lucy was ‘concentrating’ but why? This all had to do with Charlie.

“Lucy please stop doing that face. You are going to get wrinkles,” Miss Nellie said as she wiped her frizzy brown hair away from her face. She then grabbed all the empty dishes from the wooden table and headed over to the kitchen sink.

“Please, please, please teach me how to do it!” Lucy whispered in a desperate manner.

“I promise I won’t tell…” she added with a quick glance to Miss Nellie.

“We have already tried Lucy, please stop,” Charlie said exhausted by her continuous asking. Annoyed with Charlie, Lucy resumed with her ‘concentrating’. She stared intently at the water glass in front of her… squinting her eyes, scrunching her hands and turning her face as red as her fiery hair.

“Okay, okay Lucy one more time. This is the last time we are going to try and if it does not work then you will stop doing it. Okay?” Charlie asked. He was secretly worried that she might pop a brain vessel if she concentrated too hard or maybe explode.

“Yes, of course!” Lucy screamed in a high-pitched voice. “Show me now, show me, show me,” Lucy chanted her tiny fists hitting the table with an offbeat rhythm. Charlie stared at the water glass on the table. He closed his eyes and glanced back at the glass to find a small droplet of water levitating above the full glass. Lucy didn’t make a noise, she just watched, enamored with Charlie’s abilities.

“Magic,” she whispered under her breath, her dark blue eyes sparkling in the morning sun.

“Don’t use that word,” Charlie snapped, the floating water droplet quickly falling back into the pool underneath.

“That is what it is Charlie, deny it all you want, you have magical powers!” her voice slowly becoming faster and louder as her excitement trembled the table. Charlie saw Miss Nellie returning from the corner of his eye and mouthed a ‘shhh’ before she got to the table.

“Not thirsty Lucy?” Miss Nellie asked, slightly concerned.

“Oh no, I am very, very, very thirsty. I was just admiring the water,” Lucy said with an exaggerated tone and a chuckle. A sharp and worried glance from Charlie stopped her. Miss Nellie looked at her two foster children. She always thought they were strange. With their quick glances and whispers, almost as if they had a secret.


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