What I Eat in a Day

I loveeeeee to watch and read these types of posts! I think they are such good food inspiration to get on a healthy eating track. Fair warning… I don’t eat like this every day!! This is an ideal day of healthy eating!! What I am eating in this post is also Vegan and plant-based! Hope you enjoy and get some inspiration to add some healthy meals and snacks to your everyday diet!



Okay… I basically do eat this every morning… I am always having oatmeal during the cold wintery season! I am currently loving adding frozen mixed berries on top of unsweetened oatmeal with a tablespoon of maple syrup and almond butter. It is sooooooo good 🙂 I like using the frozen berries because they instantly cool down the oatmeal. I also like to either have green tea in the morning or on in this case coffee with almond milk ❤



I try to have some sort of protein in every meal and for this meal, that source came from the black beans and quinoa hidden in the bowl. I love to have some sort of grain (like brown rice or quinoa) and then I like to add some beans and veg (today’s was tomato and cucumber). I typically just season with salt and pepper and sometimes I add red pepper flakes and oregano. Yum!



I tend to switch up dinner a lot… I feel like dinner is when I usually get stuck… but I do tend to have a giant smoothie for dinner quite often. I blend 1 cup almond milk, a serving of frozen mango, a serving of frozen mixed berries, a frozen banana and a handful of spinach. After it has become a smooth and ‘icecreamy’ consistency I like to add my toppings. Often it is more fruit… like blueberries… but I also like to add chia seeds, coconut flakes, and other yummy bits.



When it is cold outside I love to have a warm treat for dessert… and if I am feeling particularly healthy and I like to chop up an apple and put it in the microwave for 1 min and 30 sec I then add cinnamon and mix it all together!



I loveeeeee my snacks!! I am constantly snacking… I usually eat them between lunch and dinner and after dinner hahaha. Some of my favorite basic snacks include roasted seaweed, carrots and hummus, grapes, Lara bars, frozen mango, air-popped popcorn and mandarines (just to name a few <3).


I hope you enjoyed this post! If you would like to see more of these types of posts then leave a comment and a like ❤

Also if you are a fan of nutritional info and food recipes follow my food Instagram!! the name is @plantsandbenefits  check it out!!!

Thanks so much for taking a moment to check out this post! See you soon 🙂


-Phi ❤

One thought on “What I Eat in a Day

  1. Honey this all looks so wonderful. When you visit I need you to make some of the yummy smoothies!!!!!!
    Love Tia Laurita


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