Caught up in dreams.

Hello! It’s been a while… as explained in one of my last posts… I have been struggling with what I want to write on this platform and what content I wish to put out into the world. So I thought I’d try something different and see how it turns out.

I really wanted to talk about dreams. Our dream for what we want to do in life and who we want to be. I have always been someone who wants to know what their future has in store for them. Because of this I tend to get wrapped up in how things are going to turn out instead of living in the present moment. Maybe some of you experience this as well.

Though it is important to live in the present and focus on the now I think it is also important to encourage dreaming. It may seem simplistic and cliche to talk about these things but ultimately everyone should be striving to live their best lives and encourage themselves and others to live out their dreams. Try everything you have an inkling you might like. Look for the life that you can enjoy every minute of (yes, that is impossible but it should be the goal).

Also, don’t forget to encourage others in their dreams. It comes down to the basic principle that you have been told since you were little but do to others what you would want them to do to you. The more good you put out in the world the more good you will get in return.

That’s all for now. I’m sorry if you aren’t a fan of this random slightly inspirational post but I sometimes feel the need to say these things and why not here?

Hope you have a good day!

-Phi ❤


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